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Cecilia Colombo is a project manager at Kilowatt (Bologna), where she focuses on social impact evaluation and sustainable business design and development.
She graduated in Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and Communication at Bocconi University, Milan and holds a Master Degree in Urban Studies (University College London). Before becoming part of Kilowatt, she worked in the field of urban regeneration between Novara and Milan and she collaborated with the Bartlett School of Planning (London) as researcher to elaborate a community plan for the refurbishment of a public housing estate in North London through the active engagement of local residents, against the plan for demolition promoted by the Council.
The results of this case study have been recently published in the Sustainability Journal: Colombo, C., Devenyns, A., Manzini Ceinar, I., & Sendra, P. (2021). Co-Producing a Social Impact Assessment with Affected Communities: Evaluating the Social Sustainability of Redevelopment Schemes. Sustainability, 13(23), 13381.

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