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Bologna, Italy 13th > 16th October 2022
Online activities July 2022 > January 2023

Life on Mars 2022 will pose some key questions around cultural cooperation and the role of the international community in a critically transformed world. Four international partners –, Kultura Nova Foundation, Creative Scotland, On the Move – have been working since the start of the pandemic to create a model to bring professionals together to imagine our future.

In the last two years opposing tensions have emerged such as hyper-connectivity versus localism, international solidarity versus nationalism, international cooperation versus monolithic representation. The Covid 19 virus crisis and new international conflicts reveal that old approaches are no longer fit for purpose. We need to explore new ways of working to build our future together.

Life on Mars 2022 will look at the meaning of international cultural cooperation. It will be a creative lab where participants will question the obstacles of our present and look at possible methodologies to address these.

The so-called new normal must deal with some crucial issues: digital transformation, sustainability, a new idea of welfare. For that reason, Life on Mars will have a cross-sectorial approach. Its participants will co-create new cooperative international adventures. We will experiment with working online and offline. The notion of care will be central: care in our relationships, care towards the environment, care in the processes that we will use.

Life of Mars will put all of these topics at the core of the debate among established and independent artists, cultural professionals and researchers, representatives of different organisations which work co-operatively and collaboratively.

Where are we now?
How can we imagine our future?
What is the future we want to build together?

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