Hangar Piemonte – Liv.In.G. Live Internationalization Gateway

Hangar is a project commissioned by Piedmont Region Department of Culture and Tourism and implemented by Piemonte dal Vivo Foundation.
Since 2014 it has been aimed at anyone who wants to develop managerial skills and enhance ability to make strategic decisions in the cultural field, like freelancers, institutions, associations, non-profit organizations.
In 2022, Hangar expands its methods of supporting the cultural transformation of the sector by imagining and proposing new actions to support the entire sector. In fact now Hangar supports also places of civil society like schools, hospitals, centers for the elderly, libraries, ecomuseums, public parks implementing a transformative process through artistic and cultural language (with the Hangar Point call), thanks to intersectoral connections (Hangar Ecosystem) and with its itinerant workshops (Hangar Lab).
Main goal of the project is to activate a widespread cultural debate on the theme of cultural transition with actors and regional decision-makers in dialogue with a national and international context, also proposing tools and evidence to decision-makers, experimenting and developing new methods for supporting cultural transition.

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