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Actress, director, pedagogue, artistic director, passionate about photography, I grow up and live in a bilingual family. I began my theatrical studies in the very first years of university. Attracted by the Other, I travel, I am passionate about the alchemy that arises from linguistic and cultural contaminations. I study in Barcelona, Moscow, Athens, Berlin and London, I meet foreign directors and masters who definitely influence my artistic choices, including: Jurij Alschitz, Oleg Koudriachov, Nicolaj Karpov, Rimas Tuminas, Oskaras Koršurovas, I study the vocal score with Chiara Guidi of the Soc“etas. I receive the lesson of the masters of visual and contemporary art, I graduate in Dramatic Art at the International Class GITIS (Russian Academy of Theater Arts) directed by Jurij Alschitz, whom I will later support in training projects and artistic actions in Italy and abroad. Since 2012 I have been taking care of the Atelier Matta – High Education for the Arts of the Scene, within the Spazio Matta in Pescara, while simultaneously taking care of intercultural projects, theater for refugees and European projects with international productions and directions. I have a daughter of Italian / Lebanese culture, I speak three languages fluently. I never learned to speak fluently the arb‘reshe my mother firt language, which actually I can only understand. The union between art and interculture is a modus vivendi. She works as actress and director in international productions.

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