Ása Richardsdóttir – IETM – Liv.In.G. Live Internationalization Gateway

Ása Richardsdóttir is the secretary general of IETM – the largest international network in the performing arts. www.ietm.org. Sha’s led a versatile career in the performing arts, culture, academia, banking, politics and media.  She was a television reporter at RÚV Iceland, founder of theatre, Kaffileikhusid, executive director of Iceland Dance Company, president of Performing Arts Iceland project leader of ICE HOT Reykjavík Nordic Dance Platform and producer of various artistic projects and international collaborations. 
Ása has been politically active, served as city councillor 2014-2018 for the Icelandic Social Democratic Party and has been member and chair of several boards in politics, finance and arts.  She is co-author of the guide for artists and producers It Starts With a Conversation.

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